We support parents and carers of children of all races who have been marginalised or excluded from school

We offer advice and guidance to the schools, colleges, services and professionals we work in partnership with to improve the wellbeing of children and young people

We work with local teachers and school leaders to reduce school exclusions by encouraging a more aspirational attitude to children and young people facing challenges

We help promote positive BME role models by arranging for BME professionals to talk in local secondary schools

Local partnership work

We have advised Brighton and Hove City Council officers on their statutory duties towards BME young people under the Equality Act 

We have reached out to St Giles Trust to disrupt local organised criminal coercion plus peer pressure and debt entrapment.

We have met with NHS managers to discuss the impact of the NHS Long Term Plan on young people

We have met with local police to discuss stop and search, young people’s mental health and racial profiling

We introduced an inspirational assembly by Award Winning Mentivity mentoring into a local secondary school . They now provide mentoring for local young peoples in schools / colleges in Brighton. This supports local young peoples aspirations, engagement, educational attainment and wellbeing.

Events and consultations

In 2018 we contributed to a Birkbeck School of Law symposium on race, mental health and state violence

In 2018 we contributed to a The Difference conference on school exclusion

In 2019 we took part in a Westminster Education forum seminar on children’s mental health

In 2019 we contributed to the LGA Peer Review data on racial disparity, disproportional education exclusion of Young People.

We contributed research based on our experience around race, mental health and wellbeing to the Timpson Review into school exclusion

We are involved in Citizens UK and contributed to the launch of its Brighton and Hove chapter in April 2019

In 2019 we established Families Equestrian Wellbeing Project

In 2019 Invited to school exclusions hub launch by JUST FOR KIDS LAW

In 2019 CPD for communities via Fearless Charity

In 2019 Project 507 – Trauma Practitioner Development on youth trauma and violence.

2019-2020 Case studies contributions to NHS commissioners Sussex wide independent review of children and young people’s emotional heath and wellbeing service. Resulting in increased Child Psychologist time, CAMHS support at YOS

In 2020 Launched Yoga Youth Wellbeing Project

In 2020 we contributed to VRU Conference in Brighton

In 2020 Mentivity – Mind, Body & Football.

In 2021 Spring and Summer Mind Body Football Project

In 2021 Clinks CPD Mentorship Scheme

In 2021-2022 Continuous Professional Development

Attended digital conferences on CPD via the Knowledge Exchange Group:

2021 County Lines

2022 Tackling Knife Crime. Westminster Insight

NHS Commissioned Film:

In 2022 Young Peoples’ Voices Co-Authored Film NHS Health Education England

In 2022 to 2024 1:1 Parental Advocacy:

In April 2023 Honoured to be invited to Steven Lawrence Day, 30th year Memorial ‘Ordinary Can be Extraordinary’

In October 2023 Invitation to Youth Justice Summit to rethink Youth Justice

In 2023 Invited to attend the Coram Children’s Legal Centre to hear the findings of the Innovate Project research on extra familial risk and harm for multi-disciplinary professionals to improve outcomes.

2024 CPD for community practitioners via Ben Kinsella Trust on knife crime prevention

In 2024 Launch of Parental Drop in group


Our trusted unique perspective has led to facilitating the following valued contributions to upstream pertinent voices.

In 2020 Community Health Research Project

In 2022 Case studies contributions on disrupting extra-familial harm, best practices explored. https://tce.researchinpractice.org.uk/

In 2022-23 Contributions to CCE Research

Social Justice and Advocacy Memberships:

FYP Young Peoples’ Expert Panel at Brighton Chapter of www.hopecollectiveuk.com

Member of Criminal Justice Alliance

Member of Alliance of Youth Justice

Member of Community Works

Member of Parent Carer Council

Community Member of Sussex Violent Reduction Partnership Brighton Streets Plus